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SMART STROKES 2019 Workshops

NVRN Rapid Review and Certification Examination

Date: Wednesday 7 August
Time: 08.00-17.00 hrs
Location: Vintage Room at Crowne Plaza

 Join your colleagues in taking the premier acute stroke nursing education course, followed by the NVRN certification examination at SmartStrokes 2019! Achievement of NVRN certification demonstrates acute stroke nursing expertise. Join the ranks of Australia's NVRN certified nurses who have proudly earned this credential. this is being offered at a huge discount of US$125 (approx. Aus $175) per candidate.

For more information and to register for the course, please go to 

* Registrations are taken directly through their site. 



Effect on enriched environments on increasing physical, cognitive and social activity after stroke 

Presenters: David Clarke, Heidi Janssen & Ingrid Rosbergen




Back to the Essentials 

Presenters: Skye Coote, Brett Jones, Sheila Jala, Tanya Frost & Meaghan Osbourne 




A practical guide on how to implement team-wide cognitive and mood assessment and intervention into stroke rehabilitation 

Presenter: Rene Stolwyk




Understanding statistics and interpreting data reports using examples from national registry and audit programs in stroke

Presenters: Dr Monique Kilkenny & Tara Purvis




 More information on Workshops coming soon!